Best Practice in Milking Course 6N0723 Training Course

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Best Practice in Milking Course 6N0723

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to perform and manage the dairy herd milking process. The course supports the integration of key milking routines with regard to required milk quality, food safety, dairy herd health and dairy cow welfare for commercial Irish dairy herds.
2 days scheduled on non-consecutive days.
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Course Content

• Evaluate the factors that affect milk composition, milk quality and food safety;

• Assess sickness and abnormal behaviour in dairy cows in terms of common signs and symptoms;

• Appraise best practice bio-security measures necessary to maintain a disease free herd;

• Assess situations where diseases in dairy cows pose risks to milk production and quality, to milking operator health, and consumer health;

• Assess legislative, and health and safety issues associated with milking;

• Appraise common milking parlour types;

• Report clearly on the implementation of any instructions and communications received in relation to the milking process and specific control measures;

• Utilise appropriate preparatory and post milking procedures for the milking process;

• Assess herd health pre-milking to identify cows which are on heat, lame or ill;
• Utilise best practice procedures in regard to operator hygiene;

• Utilise recognised best practice procedures in regard to key cow pre and post milking procedures;

• Supervise the manual or automatic milking machine washing and rinsing procedure;

• Manage the implementation of risk assessment and hazard control.

Course Notes

Entry Requirements: Good command of the English language with basic numeracy skills.

• Skills demonstration: 60 marks
• Written Examination – theory: 30 marks
• Oral examination: 10 marks

Course Comments

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