Hospitality with Barista & Bar Skills

Hospitality with Barista & Bar Skills

The aim of this courses is to provide learners with an introduction to skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to work in the customer service industry. Specific modules will provide instruction and training in Tourism, Retail and Hospitality and inclusive skills in Customer Service and Sales. It will provide Employability Skills through training and workshops.

Manual Handling & Workplace Safety 

Manual Handling Training provides candidates with information and instruction on safe manual handling techniques which, if used correctly, may help prevent injury. This course will also provide an introduction to Health and Safety in the work place. It will provide participants with knowledge in the concepts of safety and health and help to promote safe working practices and procedures.

Working in Hospitality & Customer Service 

Helping participants to gain an insight into working within the hospitality industry. This course includes the types of roles available, providing an introduction to customer service and developing rapport, as well as how to progress within the industry. It will also help learners to gain an insight into developing excellent customer service skills and selling to the public.


This Barista skills course is ideal for those who have no experience in using a Barista (coffee) machine. The course is designed to deliver barista training for those looking to find work in a cafe environment.


This course provides an introduction to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) training. Providing participants with basic food safety knowledge and to help to promote safe working practices and procedures for those wishing to work within the food and catering industry.

Bar Skills 

This course will provide an introduction to our bar service training programme and is designed to equip

participants with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to work in a busy bar of any size.

Talks from Industry Professionals & Review 

Learners will receive talks from hospitality industry professionals to gain an understanding of what opportunities are available in the hospitality industry. Hospitality industry professionals will also be invited to share their journeys, both challenges and successes to working in hospitality. Learners will then evaluate and write a short report on what they have learned from the talks by hospitality industry professionals.

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