Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

This programme has been designed to provide a series of training in the areas that will prove useful to participants interested in getting their business idea in the area of social enterprise off the ground.  Social enterprises seek to maximize profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment. It will provide Employability Skills through training and workshops.

Manual Handling & Workplace Safety 

Manual handling training provides candidates with information & instruction on safe manual handling techniques which, if used correctly, may help prevent injury.This course will also introduce Health and Safety in the work place. It will provide participants with knowledge in the concepts of safety and health and help to promote safe working practices and procedures.

Community Design Ideas 

This course will be an informal tutor lead workshop centering on cultivating design ideas and group work.

Horticulture Tools 

The purpose of this course is to teach participants how to safely use common small machinery used in the horticulture industry including carrying out the pre-start checks of a selection of small engines and how to handle and operate a selection of horticultural tools to a required safety standard.

Hand Held Pesticides 

The purpose of this course is to equip learners with the principles and procedures for the safe handling, storage, application and disposal of pesticides including appropriate personal protective equipment.

Plant Care & Maintenance 

The purpose of this course is to teach participants how to carry out watering routines, check for damage to plants, identify some suitable plants for common Irish soil types and common Irish species of plants.

Day Trip & Report

The participants will take part in tutor lead field trip to an exemplar town or village in Meath where a Tidy Towns groups or CE scheme has particular effect on the beauty and presentation of the town or village. This will encompass a 1 day outing and 1 day back in the classroom to review and write a report.

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