Offering a range of courses to support a career in technology and to provide an introduction to specific areas in the field that leads to career pathways in this industry. It will provide Employability Skills through training and workshops.

Administration: Email/internet, Word, Excel 

Learners will be introduced to information technology concepts and describe the impact of information technology on personal life and working or community life. Course includes an overview of a range of information technology concepts and terminology, such as file management and accessing common applications such as word, excel, email and the internet.

Digital Media

The purpose of this course is to give learners an understanding of a range of current digital media technologies and their application in daily life and in an organisational context. Course includes an outline of the pre-production, production and post-production stages involved in the creation of digital media content. Participants will use a range of current digital media technologies and applications to include digital video and audio, social media applications and mobile technologies to create digital media content.

Graphic Design

The purpose of this module is to give an overview of what is involved in graphic design. Understanding the positive and negative attributes of selected graphic design examples to include logos, signage, packaging design, and advertising. Ability to identify graphic design applications. Understanding the roles of the graphic designer and the printer.

Game Development 

The purpose of this module is to get an overview of the common features of game development. Ability to analyse game structure and produce plans and explore the technological components of a game. Participants will examine the publishing process and the roles of the games development team to include design, technical, programming, art, audio-visual production and hardware requirements.

Workplace Safety

This course will provide an introduction to Health and Safety in the work place. It will provide participants with knowledge in the concepts of safety and health and help to promote safe working practices and procedures.

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