Introduction to Welding


This course programme has been designed to provide a series of training in areas that will prove useful to participants interested in steel fabrication and the manufacturing sector. It will provide Employability Skills through training and workshops.

The course will cover an introduction to MMA welding to give the learners a good understanding of welding and will cover the below:

Introduction to Health & Safety and Weld Theory 

This covers the HSE issued safety alert on welding fume. Preventing exposure to mild steel welding fumes. How to use suitable controls for all welding work. Following the current guidance on mild steel welding.

Horizontal and Vertical Techniques 

Explanation of horizontal welding (the weld axis is approximately horizontal, but the weld type dictates the complete definition). Explanation of vertical welding (the welding is done on a vertical surface and the molten metal has a tendency to run downward and pile up).

Butt Joins, Lap joints, Outside Corner and Tee Fillet 

Understanding of the different jobs which need different types of welds. Covering when to use different types of welding joints. 

Use of 6mm plate up to 10mm plate 

Covering the use of 6mm and 10mm plates. Welding using the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) method. This is also known as manual metal arc welding (MMA or MMAW), flux shielded arc welding or informally as stick welding which is a manual arc welding process.

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