Youth Enterprise

Youth Enterprise

Supporting young people to complete entrepreneurship training. This programme will provide individuals who are seeking to start their own business with the skills, management tools and expertise in making the right decisions, planning and organising effectively. It will help individuals gauge what will be required in order to keep their new venture running effectively and efficiently. It will provide Employability Skills through training and workshops.


Manual Handling & Workplace Safety

Manual Handling training provides candidates with information and instruction on safe manual handling techniques which, if used correctly, may help prevent injury. This course will also provide an introduction to Health and Safety in the work place. It will provide participants with knowledge in the concepts of safety and health and help to promote safe working practices and procedures

Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Business Start-Up 

This course will provide an introduction into entrepreneurship, providing candidates with information and instruction on what entrepreneurship is and introduce feasibility studies, which help in evaluating proposed business ideas. SWOT analysis of both the business idea and the entrepreneur. This course will also provide information and instruction into starting up a business, identifying resources and costs. Provide learners with practical skills and advise on how to research where can entrepreneur find help and advice and grants that would be available. Show an understanding of what a business plan is.

Managing Resources

The purpose of this course is to equip learners with the skills and knowledge to be able to complete feasibility studies: evaluating the business idea, evaluating their own transferable skills, costings of materials, if external expertise is required. Using a case study that has details of a proposed new start up including costings, resources etc., learners will complete tasks including working out cost per unit and calculating selling prices. Using this information and the SWOT analysis, learners will evaluate if their business is feasible and if changes need to be/or could be made to make it a success

Cash Flow Management

This course will provide an introduction into accounting and give practical experience of basic accounting to learners. Learners will be able to list what details need to be recorded and will make a cash flow journal. Learners will be able to evaluate how to identify and increase profits, where cost savings should be made. Learners will be given an introduction into

Talks from Industry Professionals & Review

Learners will receive talks from industry professionals to gain an understanding of what support is available to them when setting up their business. Local entrepreneurs will also be invited to attend and to share their journeys, both challenges and successes to show the realities of being an entrepreneur. Learners will then evaluate and write a short report on what they have learned from the talks by industry professionals.

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