Safety Statements

Safety Statements

A Safety Statement is a program which aids the employer in managing the Safety Health and Welfare of all employees.

It's an obligation by the employer to run the business in a safe manner and state both the system and resources by which this will be accomplished.

"Safety does not come about by chance but as a result of an organised system" 

Under Section 20 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 it is now a legal requirement that all employers including the self-employed prepare a written Safety Statement. 

"The Safety Statement is based on the principal that safety can be managed because most accidents are foreseeable and can usually be prevented" 

The Safety Statement is drawn up by identifying the hazards and risk found in the work place, with every aspect of work activities being covered. As a result efficient control measures for managing the risks shall be put in place to protect the safety of workers.

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