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Safepass Courses in Cavan 

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Cavan is a vibrant and industrious county with a strong presence in the farming, food, building materials, financial services and engineering sectors. Cavan has seen its population increase by over 4% (to 76,092) over the period 2011 to 2016 ( results of 2016 census).  Situated on an important junction of two national routes, to Dublin and Belfast, Cavan is a gateway to and from Northern Ireland and is also a pivotal point on the east-west route to be developed between Dundalk and Sligo. While the southern area is now identified as being within the greater Dublin commuter belt, it has retained its unspoiled and attractive environment relatively free from traffic congestion. 

Given the construction labour shortage in Ireland and Cavans proximity to major towns and cities, it's ideally placed to fill the skill gaps within the construction sector. Safe Pass is a one day mandatory course for anyone wishing to enter a building site. We understand that local interest in Safe Pass is growing and have recently launched Cavan as a key training centre. Currently running in Cavan's Kilmore Hotel, we expect an increase in scheduled courses throughout the year.

Please contact Rosemary McTeague for more information about Safe Pass in Cavan. Telephone: 0719663952 Mobile: 0861852337