Course Description

Woodcraft 4N3185

To provide learners with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to use woodcraft tools and equipment safety, identifying characteristics of wood and be capable of choosing the best suited woods to use while, planning, designing and carrying out and finishing of woodcraft tasks. This programme includes:

  • Select appropriate tools and equipment for specific tasks;
  • State the characteristics of materials and finishes used in wood and timber;
  • Select appropriate woodcraft techniques and wood finishes;
  • Apply suitable preparations and finishes for specific tasks;
  • Carry out a range of woodcraft techniques to include marking out, drilling, cutting, trenching, shaping, joining (temporary and with adhesives), assembly of halving joints, angle joints and dovetailing joints;
  • Identify a range of artefacts where halving joints, angle joints and dovetailing joints are commonly used to include chairs, tables, doors and drawer.

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