8 Things to be Aware of After a Storm

8 Things to be Aware of After a Storm

1. Fallen Trees and Branches: Watch out for fallen trees or branches, which can be unstable and pose a risk of injury or damage. Keep away from any trees that look compromised or that are leaning.

2. Power Lines and Utility Cables: Fallen trees may bring down power lines or utility cables. Assume all downed lines are live and dangerous. Keep a safe distance and report them to the appropriate authorities.

3. Cracks or Uprooting: Trees showing signs of damage, including cracks in the trunk, uprooting, or leaning are in a weakened state and may pose a risk of falling even after the storm has passed.

4. Hanging Limbs: Be cautious of limbs or branches that are hanging precariously in trees. These may fall unexpectedly and cause injury or property damage.

5. Diseased or Infested Trees: Storms can exacerbate existing issues with tree health. Be on the lookout for signs of diseases or infestations that may have been intensified by the storm.

6. Emergency Tree Removal: If a tree poses an immediate threat to safety or property, seek professional assistance for emergency tree removal. Do not attempt to remove large or precarious branches without proper training and equipment.

7. Trimming and Pruning: Consider trimming or pruning trees to remove damaged or weak branches. This can help prevent future risks and promote the overall health of the tree.

8. Trees on Your Property: If in doubt about the condition of a tree on your property, consult with a certified arborist or tree care professional for a thorough inspection and assessment.

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