New Quad Bike Regulations Means All Users Must Undergo Training and Wear Protective Equipment

New Quad Bike Regulations Means All Users Must Undergo Training and Wear Protective Equipment

All quad bike users must undergo mandatory training and wear appropriate protective equipment, including a helmet from this week, according to new Government regulations. 

These Government came into effect on 20th November 2023 and are aimed at helping to improve health and safety around the use of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and quad bikes all across the country. According to figures provided by the Health & Safety Authority (HSA) as many as 12 deaths in agriculture over the last 13 years have been linked to the use of ATVs/ quads, along with many serious injuries. 

To help assist ATV and quad users comply with these regulations, FRS Training are running a series of two day, training programmes over the coming weeks and months which fulfil the mandatory training requirement.

The course is QQI accredited and ensures the participants have the relevant knowledge, skills and competence to drive and handle all terrain and quad vehicles in compliance with the relevant legislation. 

Among the areas addressed during the course are:

  • The role and uses of all-terrain vehicles and quads in land based industries.
  • The legal requirements pertaining to the use of an all-terrain vehicle - and ancillary equipment - in an off-road situation, as well as on public roads.
  • The importance for safe and efficient all-terrain vehicle operation to maximise stability on flat, rolling and hilly terrain.
  • Interpreting safety decals, controls and instrument panels for an all-terrain vehicle.
  • How to carry out routine pre-starting checks specified in the operator’s manual.
  • Driving an all-terrain vehicle around a specified course in a controlled manner appropriate to the terrain and surface conditions.
  • Operating an ATV/ quad effectively and in accordance with safety requirements.
  • Using an ATV/ quad effectively with ancillary equipment for a range of tractor tasks.

Speaking about the training programme, Colin Donnery, Group CEO of FRS Network said, “Given the growing use of quads/ ATVs in Tipperary, where they are used by farmers and others, it is important that all users understand the new regulations that have kicked in. From now on, anyone operating quads has to undergo mandatory training and they also need to wear a helmet and other protective equipment.

“With the multipurpose use of these vehicles, which can include spraying, spreading, transport and a range of other work, we understand how important these vehicles can be for farmers and others in Ireland. Through our programme anyone who needs to receive the mandatory training can do so – ensuring they are on solid legal ground when they are operating their quad/ ATV in future. 

“The aim of this course is to help the quad/ ATV users across the country receive the qualifications they need, while also helping to encourage the greater adoption of the key health and safety principles by all those using ATVs/ quads. We hope as more people receive the necessary training, they will better understand the safest way to operate them and become more aware of the dangers, helping to reduce the number of accidents involving quads and ATVs in future,” Mr. Donnery concluded.

Further information on the ATV/ Quad Bike Training is available on or by contacting Aoife Kinsella on