Home Repairs and Maintenance 4N3774

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge,
skill and competence to work under supervision and with others to carry
home repairs and maintenance so as to increase their skill set and


The learner is required to complete a
Project 60%
Learner Record 40%


Learners will be able to:
1 Know the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees
as specified in current health and safety at work legislation
2 Recognise common hazards symbols and labels and identify the
adverse physical, chemical, biological and psychological effects
of common hazards on the human body
3 Identify various fittings and materials used in domestic plumbing
4 Identify the location of various key elements within main water
5 Identify water storage equipment used in domestic plumbing
6 Identify various cables used in domestic wiring
7 Assess colour wheels and discuss primary and secondary, warm
and cold, dark and light
8 Make joints using compression and soldered fittings
9 Cut and bend pipes using appropriate tools
10 Fit or replace water stop cock and ballcock
11 Repair or install tap washers
12 Perform mixing, application and cleaning of grout
13 Fix plasterboards and apply bonding and skim coat
14 Apply emulsion and oil based paints using brush and roller with
cut in
15 Use a level line, plumb line and spacers to achieve accuracy in
the tiling finish
16 Measure, assess and prepare surfaces of an area in preparation
for tiling
17 Apply adhesive, primers and silicone to fix tiles and trims
18 Utilise a range of tools used in tiling to include tile cutter, drills,
mixing paddles and grinders
19 Connect waste fittings to sink and use appropriate glue to make
connections in waste pipe
20 Fit waste trap and make connections from toilet pan using
21 Wire a plug top according to correct colour codes
22 Fit and connect socket outlets, light switch and light fittings
23 Prepare an area prior to painting and carry out repairs, filing and
24 Carry out safe and proper use of all power tools and show care
for maintenance of tools and equipment.

Assessment will include
Project 60%
Learner record 40%

Candidate Criteria

Learners will require a good commmand of the English language and a good level of numeracy and literacy.

Course Notes

All learning material will be supplied by FRS Training You will be registered and certified with QQI through our centre.

Successful applicants will receive a QQI level 4 Certificate

Learners will require a good commmand of the English language and a good level of numeracy and literacy.

Course schedule.

Below you will find all dates and locations that this course is running.

Home Repairs and Maintenance 4N3774

6-10 November 2023
Mayo Abbey, Claremorris, Mayo

Home Repairs and Maintenance 4N3774

13-17 November 2023
Mayo Abbey, Claremorris, Mayo

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Home Repairs and Maintenance 4N3774